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Crossing our superior does with top producing bucks has helped us make our mark in the industry. In choosing the breeder bucks for our artificial insemination program, we pay close attention to several different characteristics. Although the antler score is important, we pay special attention to “The Look” – the huge frame, long tines, and eye-catching width that make up a magnificent trophy buck. We also look at the ability of the genetic line to pass on those traits to their offspring. In today’s rapidly changing market, a buck that matures early is also a must. A breeder buck can have all of these characteristics, but also must be marketable.


  • express sire lineage
  • kidrock buck lineage
  • fedex buck lineage2
  • triple crown sire lineage
  • maxbo 727 sire lineage
  • hardcore sire lineage
  • showtime bucks lineage
  • freightliner buck lineage
  • shockwave buck lineage
  • aftershock buck lineage

Cross Canyon Whitetails
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